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Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc- Plumbing Installation

Remodeling and upgrading the look of your kitchen and bathroom requires a certain amount of plumbing installation. Sinks, toilets, tubs and showers can add finesse to your kitchen and bathroom, while adding value to your home.

Proper plumbing installation during an upgrade or remodel is essential and requires a professional with know how. Plumbing fixtures that have been installed incorrectly can cause a massive amount of water damage, thus jeopardizing the integrity of your home.

Connecting hoses and piping properly installed makes sure that waste water and fresh water are following correctly. Hoses and pipes that are installed incorrectly can pose a serious problem to walls, floors and your home's foundation. Plus, there is a serious health issue to take into consideration if waste water starts to find its way into your drinking water.

Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc. has more than 25 years plumbing installation experience. Have a plumbing installation need? We can help with that.

Don't take the risk. The integrity of your home matters to us and we do more than just install sinks and toilets. Let us help you upgrade the comforts of your home with ...

Call our plumbing pro today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment for assistance with your next plumbing installation project! We are there when you need our help and we always leave it cleaner than we found it!

(513) 813-7526

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