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Plumbing In Cincinnati -Bathtub Rough In and Installation

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Whether you are doing a basic tub installation or a total home makeover that will require a bathtub rough in, Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc. can help with your bathroom plumbing installation needs greater Cincinnati area.

Pictured above is a new bathtub and shower valve that we installed for our customer.

Now that the copper pipes are in place, the drain is being installed under the bathtub pictured above.

The bathtub is being checked to make sure it is level and placed correctly for the next phase of installation.

Now that all the proper copper piping is in place and the bathtub is level and set, the next phase will be to install the drywall and tub walls, completing the project of the bathtub installation.

Properly installed pipes during a tub or shower installation can make all the difference for maintaining the integrity of your home. Pipes that haven't been installed correctly can develop leaks behind walls that can go undetected, creating serious mold and mildew problems. Issues with mold and mildew growth behind your walls can create health concerns for your family, as well as create major structural problems with walls, ceilings and foundations in your home.

Don't take the risk! Hire the pros that know! Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc. is a licensed and bonded plumbing company with more than 25 years experience. We service the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Give us a call! (513) 813-7526

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