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New Beginnings in Milford, Ohio!- Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc (513) 813-7526 Milford, Ohio

When the time came for us to purchase our first home, Milford, Ohio was an obvious choice!

Will's career path had moved us into the Cincinnati area back in the 90's. Right away we started prospecting the area. We enjoyed so much of what we saw.

The small towns, gorgeous lakes and recreation appealed to our personal interests. We saw nice communities that still had the small town feel. Great places for entertainment and outdoor leisure could be found around just about every corner. With so much to offer, great memories were just waiting to be had in Milford!

As a young married couple, buying our first home was very serious business.

We found hunting and searching to be quite the adventure. Often, late night searches with an MLS would result in some of our most sporadic home hunts. Curiosity about a listing would get the best of us. Many times at 2 AM, into the car we would go. The thrill of 'could this be the one' to help us stay awake. Tunes from a favorite radio program playing in the background, with nothing to hold onto but our hopes and each other. Off into the night we would wonder, with the draw of home ownership pulling at our heart strings.

Milford, Ohio is a charming small city with a great vintage and antique shopping district. Atmosphere, plenty of parks to explore and lots of great places to eat was on our short list of home specifications. Milford seemed to be the perfect fit!

The discovery of Milford suddenly shortened our list of potential prospects considerably. Buying a nice home with land, but still having all the conveniences of living close to the big city was essential. We had a great idea about what we were looking for and Milford was able to deliver.

Everything on our 'want list' was within reach!

Milford showed promise for our future. The excitement of finding our new home escalated. Within just a few short weeks, we had real home options. Choices were abundant, now was time to make a decision.

Milford was a great place to shop first time home buyers. We found a beautiful 3 bedroom home with a fully stocked pond located on 2 acres. We ended up living in Milford for almost 7 years and we still feel very connected to the area.

Job transfers and career changes have relocated us a few times since buying our first home, but our love for Milford is still alive and well. We have so many wonderful memories attached to the area and Milford is still a 'go to' for so many things we enjoy doing!

Offering plumbing services and repairs to the residents of Milford protects the health and well being of their businesses and neighborhoods. Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc. is here when you need us.

Need a plumbing project completed or plumbing issues resolved quickly? Give Copper Pipe Plumbing Services Inc a call! (513) 442-6846 or (513) 813-7526.

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